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Energy Access

Dzięki innowacyjnym modelom biznesowym i nowoczesnej technologii duże społeczności zamieszkujące tereny bez dostępu do sieci elektroenergetycznej mogą sobie teraz pozwolić na wysokiej jakości instalacje wytwarzające czystą energię.

Firma Victron Energy projektuje urządzenia zapewniające ogromne korzyści z solarnych instalacji domowych i mini sieci energetycznych działających w systemie PAYGo (opłat bez abonamentu). Dzięki naszej rozległej wiedzy i doświadczeniu w produkcji elektroniki energetycznej zapewniamy opłacalność niezależnych sieci energetycznych i korzyści dla użytkowników końcowych.

Reliable and modular products:

  • Wysokiej jakości urządzenia (objęte 5-letnią gwarancją) i sprawdzona technologia niezależnych instalacji energetycznych
  • Szeroki wachlarz instalacji o mocy od 200Wp do 200kWp
  • Elastyczne, bezpieczne i dopasowane do potrzeb rozwiązania dla operatorów działających w systemie PAYGo
  • Smart battery protections an lithium compatibility

Beneficial software solutions:

  • Easy on-site diagnostic and configuration on laptop and smartphone
  • Advanced and free remote monitoring platform (VRM) with open source API
  • Integration with various PAYG software platforms
  • Open communication protocols and serial communication ports on products

Professional support and services:

  • Worldwide network of trained distributors, installers and service partners
  • Efficient logistic and after-sale services
  • Substantial stock of products available throughout the year
  • Strong technical support from Victron’s team, partners and community

Scalable and flexible solutions

DC solar home systems
100Wp to 1kWp

Victron Energy DC solar home systems provide enough energy to power lights, mobile phones and even a TV. They are simple setups that combines one or few solar panels, a solar charger with DC load output and a battery. The system protects itself from overloads, deep discharge and partial state of charge (BatteryLife)

DC and AC solar home systems
300Wp to 5kWp

Larger solar home systems enable end-users to climb the energy ladder and enjoy a variety of household appliances such TVs, fridges or sound systems. This solution is also powerful enough for entrepreneurial customers to run a small business or productive machineries. Supplying AC power requires an inverter in addition to other components found in DC setups.

Solar mini-grids
1kWp to 200kWp

A mini-grid gives electricity access to entire villages and communities. It is a combination of an off-grid solar plant with a small-scale distribution network. A typical system includes a solar field, MPPT solar chargers and/or PV inverters, inverter-chargers and a battery bank. A diesel generator is also added in case of hybrid solutions. Smart meters are often used to measure and control electricity consumption from end-users.

On-site diagnostic and configuration

The VictronConnect app enables to configure, monitor, update and diagnose Victron Energy products. Read measurements and change settings becomes quick and easy on a smartphone or laptop screen. Technicians can visualize historical data (MPPT solar charger, BMV) to control system performances and track possible misuse.

Advanced remote monitoring and control

Our online platform, VRM, enables to remotely configure, control and monitor Victron Energy systems. Real-time measurements as well as historical data are available through comprehensive graphs. Configuration is modifiable remotely to bring improvements or solve issues. Operators receive automatic alarms and notifications by email. Preventive maintenance and after-sale services are achieved efficiently at lower cost.

Application examples from our partners

Solar energy excitement in Nigeria

The market at Sabon Gari in Kano state, Nigeria, has 12,000 shops where you can buy everything from vegetables to visual arts. It’s so big they call it ‘Mini Africa’. Several kilometres of bustling passageways and roads, packed with shoppers and the shouts of traders calling attention to their bargains, makes for an exhilarating atmosphere …you simply can’t visit Nigeria and not go there!

Mlinda – Powering economies in Rural India

Mlinda is an initiative which supports marginalised communities living in rural India to achieve sustainable village economies.

They do this by installing solar mini-grids for industry; by assisting local entrepreneurs to purchase modern efficient electric machinery; and by encouraging a diversity of business-types – so that communities have a broad spectrum of employment opportunities, and work is not seasonal

Nanogrid TOGO

Because of their huge land area, 75% of the population of West African countries live beyond the reach of the national electricity grid and have no access to a dependable source of electricity. Solergie plans to install the infrastructure – in the form of nano grids – which provides people living in rural locations with the clean, reliable electricity they need to empower themselves. It changes everything – and has an impact which most of us can only imagine

Współpraca mająca na celu budowę instalacji solarnych PAYG w Kongo

Victron Energy offers many beneficial products for pay-as-you-go (PAYG), enabling customers to take advantage of high quality systems at an affordable cost. Collaborations are being forged with various partners to offer turnkey solutions in this domain.

Energia solarna Pay As You Go dostarczana przez firmę Victron Energy

In this guest blog Pierre-Paul Bermingham explains how Victron Energy’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) solar power systems are allowing lower income customers to take advantage of high quality products, whilst at the same time improving energy provision and local employment.