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Victron Energy - Your supplier for Hybrid Power Solutions

Efficiently combining two or more distinct power sources

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Which solar charge controller: PWM or MPPT?

What follows is a summary of our white paper with the same title. For the full white paper, see: Which solar charge controller: PWM or MPPT? in the White papers section of our site. 1. What they do The PWM controller is in essence a switch that connects a solar array to a battery. The […]

VictronEnergy stocklist app: Updated to the new P&A App

The price & availability (P&A) of products has until now, been available in the VictronEnergy app seen in the mobile phone screenshot above. This app included a full stocklist with pricing, plus a handy cable sizing and charger/inverter temperature derating tool. This has now been superseded and updated with the new Victron P&A app. This […]

Mobile power in Leyte, The Philippines

We all remember the terrible news coverage of November 2013. Typhoon Haiyan created thousands of victims and enormous damage. From all that was in the path of the heart of the storm, about 70 to 80% was completely destroyed. Victron Energy took the faith of these people to heart and that is why the company, in December 2013, donated 60 mobile chargers with batteries. All units have been put in use.

Victron Energy Photo Contest

Hopefully we now have the attention of some of you! Whilst the headline image is a fun and tongue in cheek quality photograph, from the Victron Energy 2014 Calendar, it is also a serious way to announce the ‘Victron Energy Photo Contest’. Over the last months many surprising applications using Victron products have come to […]

Victron Energy: Diverse applications

In my last blog Sun, Speed & Sponsorship, I mentioned how pleasantly surprised I have been by the diverse projects that use Victron Energy’s products. So who can come up with the most unusual application? We’d love to hear from you…. Here’s one from down under. Whilst an intelligent robot for the vegetable industry may […]

Kilka słów o Victron Energy

Pośród naszych produktów znajdą Państwo: sinusoidalne inwentery, systemy Multi czyli sinusoidalne inwentery w połączeniu z ładowarką, ładowarki, konwentery DC/DC, przełączniki transferowe, monitory baterii i wiele więcej. Victron Energy może się poszczycić silną, niezachwianą reputacją w zakresie innowacji technicznych, niezawodności produktów i jakości. Nasze produkty uważane są za profesjonalne gdy chodzi o zapewnienie alternatywnych źródeł zasilania.